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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RealTherapy? RealTherapy is an advertising platform and marketing tool with a little social network mixed in. The objective is to give the quality body care professional a reputable way to promote his/hers business, at the same time giving clients an easy way to find the help they need.

Does it cost to list on RealTherapy? You can get a 100% FREE profile with no obligations.

Is this an agency? No, we are Not an agency. We Do Not Solicit for, nor do we send/set up appointments. All providers on the RealTherapy website are considered or understood to be self employed and/or independent contractors working solely for themselves or the company that they are representing in their listing.

How much of a percentage do you take for bookings made through your website? Great question!!!...and the answer is ZERO! Unlike other sites, RealTherapy does NOT take any percentage from bookings made via our website. Your money is YOUR money!

How does your pricing compare to similar sites? We're definitely the most affordable! Our listing prices are about 40% or so less than any other site in its class...and we don't look have bad either ;)

Why should I consider listing with you instead of on CL or other free classified sites? Well, CL is great if you want to find a puppy or buy a car, and we can't lie, it has a lot of traffic, but if you are a quality body care provider and a serious professional, I think you know the answer to that question.

How come I only have one photo and other members have more? Some members choose to upgrade to Premium or Featured accounts. Upgraded accounts allows more photos, info and access to other features.

Why can't I find any results using my City/Zipcode? If you cannot find any results using a specific city or zipcode, it means that currently, no body care professional has posted a listing in that location. 

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