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Our business model is simple... You advertise WITH us, we advertise FOR you!

RealTherapy is "The Ultimate Body Care and Wellness Directory" for finding quality massage therapist, yoga instruction, personal trainers, chiropractors, top spas and other providers in your area. Get quick and easy access to 1000's of what we like to call "Healthy Body Professionals".

#1 for connecting clients with quality health and wellness professionals

For the Professional, the RealTherapy website is an advertising platform and marketing tool with a little social network mixed in, and for the Client, our app makes it easy to find local, reliable and reputable providers. Great for business trips, when on vacation or for locating someone new where ever you might be.

Put your business in the pockets of over a Billion people!

Body Care Professionals:
  • Create and build your brand.
  • Market, Promote and Network.
  • Increase your professional exposure.
  • Attract NEW clientele.
  • Expand revenue opportunities.
  • FREE to use.
  • No sign up needed.
  • Browse local, quality professionals.
  • Direct contact with 1,000's of options.
  • Enjoy access at your fingertips.
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