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Do you love massages but feel that most of the time you get a massage it "doesn't do anything" or won't make a difference very long after you've left your therapist's hands?

I specialize in Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular work that have longer lasting effect than a "regular" massage. By going deep into your tissues we can release scar tissue and trigger points that many times are the root of your pain and sometimes poor posture. If these trigger points aren't being released in a muscle or it's connective tissues, only a very temporary release of your tension will take place, and soon after you've left your therapist, your pain will be back.

I also do Cranio Sacral work which can be very valuable after a car accident, dental work or a line of other traumas that the body might have to go through in a lifetime. Cranio Sacral work, which is a light touch technique, can also be an option for those of you who strongly dislike the heavy pressure that characterizes Deep Tissue work.

I also offer a session that I call the "Best of Two Worlds" session, in which I integrate a series of modalities; A combination of Deep Work and a more flowy relaxing style will ease tension and pain in shoulders, back, head, neck, and jaw, all while you let your mind and body relax with a lighter flowier pressure and you can allow yourself to "float away" with this Swedish/Esalen/Deep Tissue combo.

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If you haven’t had Neuromuscular Therapy before, you will most likely be quite amazed of the results. Call me for a free consultation! If I believe I can help you, then we'll set you up for your first session!

I have training from schools in both Sweden and LA; Nordiska Praktor Skolan in Sweden, and at Southbay Massage College, LA Vocational, and the prestigeous Upledger Institute in the US. Further, I am CAMTC (California Massage Therapy Council)certified. I have worked intensely as a Massage Therapist on a team with Physical Therapists. I work every day with chronic pain and sports injuries, such as whiplash,stiff neck,frozen shoulder, Sciatica, finger- and hand numbness, after-surgery- stiffness, knee pain, scar tissue removal; stress related tension such as headaches,tight shoulders, TMJ disorder and more.
I also have experience from working at spas in the city and at five star hotels.
In addition to my formal training I have a background in acting, where I have learned about and explored body movements through Feldenkreis, Alexander Technique, Meditation, Voice lessons, and Movement Improvisation.

Further, with a past of injuries and chronic pain myself, and with the thousands and thousands of hours of hands on work, I have developed a sensitivity in hands, fingers and to the energy of a client's body. I always respect what the tissues tell us; too much/ too little pressure, back off, go with ease or go with full force etc.

In Office: $95/60 min, $130/90 min, $165/2hrs

Your location: $130/60 min, $165/90 min, $200/2hrs

Tue-Sat 8am - 8pm. Mon,Sun 10 am - 8pm. occasionally, and with at least 24 hrs notice, I'm available earlier and later than these times. Most often I need at least 24-48 hrs notice to be able to see you. Additional charge applies after 8pm. or
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